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Before we continue, there are some things you should know about me. If you do not yet know, I go by the name Antti Tauriainen. My skill set contains, but nevertheless is not limited to the following: journalistic articles, search engine optimization, social media marketing, copywriting, videography, photography and editing.

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I originated from my fathers seed on the glorious year of 1989, when the Berlin wall was torn apart, the year the cold war ended and the iconic movie Lethal Weapon 2 was released among others, such as Friday the 13th. Part VIII, Halloween 5 and Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child.

Enough about the 80’s!

I was brought up in the wild outbacks of Finland, in Suomussalmi which is a part of Kainuu (also known as Nälkämaa, meaning the land of hunger) , where I lived from 1989 to 2008. During this time I was taught how to hunt, walk, speak, read, write. Perhaps even in that order.. On the side I did the matriculation examination 2005–2008, worked as a lumber jack, and started to learn the art of playing the guitar in 2006 when I bought my first Ibanez. Though the second one has not yet been presented itself.


After the matriculation examination I moved to Oulu, Finland and started studying information networks in the University.  In 2009 I also got the license to drive a taxi.

The art of taxi driving, the late nights with more or less drunken customers, some more aggressive than others, has forged me into a solid customer service specialist with the nerves of a moose. In addition I have worked for example as a telemarketer and even in a museum. Since then I have moved on to other challenges.

During my studies in the University of Oulu I stumbled upon things like python, vhdl, fpga, binary, semantic memory, complex numbers and matrix algebra. But above all I found my self most interested in the writing of the bachelor’s thesis on semantic memory on a distributed system.

After working night shifts and a bit less effort on the studying I decided to change my field completely, to follow the call of writing and creativity, and applied to study journalism in the Oulu university of applied sciences.

After the entrance exams I started my military service as a conscript in July 2015. It was one of the most terrible times regarding my dear moustache, since facial hair was not tolerated in the army. But in the end ‘stasche and I prevailed with flying colors and returned home as a sergeant.


In the fall of 2016 I started my journalism studies in the Oulu University of applied sciences, and I will graduate as Bachelor of Media on the spring of 2020. The plan is to finish my studies before that. During my studies I have learned a lot about journalistic writing, layout design, photography and videography. I plan to found my own publishing media.

3/2017 I started working as a copywriter for Funky Monkey, a creative agency located in Oulu. For this line of work I have developed a strong marketing mindset creating powerful, targeted lines to send and deliver a polished message that makes the reader take the next step needed.

9/2017-3/2018 I worked as content marketer focused on interviews and search engine optimization for VertaaEnsin.fi . Read more of my trips in beautiful Portugal!

Currently I am studying journalism in the University of Oulu, improwing my skills on photography, videography and developing more appealing ways to create content for digital publishing. And of course working as copywriter on call for Funky Monkey. (I love that job)

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